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FlashPatch® Rejuvenating Eye Gels



Puffiness. Fatigue. Dryness. Enter the fast fix for tired eyes, featuring Caffeine and Hydrolyzed Collagen. Look like you got your full 8 hours every day.

Refresh in an instant. FlashPatch® Rejuvenating Eye Gels feature our highly advanced HydraSurge5™ Moisture System. More effective than topical creams or serums, this patch technology accelerates the delivery of essential ingredients Caffeine and Hydrolyzed Collagen. And the Hydrogels stay put—so you get these ingredients where you need them most.

Your just-woke-up-like-this suddenly looks a whole lot brighter.


In a single 5 minute use study with 100 participants:

  • 100% said their tired eyes appeared awakened, revived, and revitalized
  • 98% said the skin under their eyes looked and felt smoother
  • 97% said their eye area looked less puffy
  • 94% said one 5-minute treatment provided more immediate results than their current under-eye skin care regimen

Key Ingredients

Caffeine: Improves micro-circulation for brighter tone and reduced puffiness

Sodium Hyaluronate: Naturally binds moisture to the skin

Hydrolyzed Collagen: Improves skin hydration, elasticity, tone, and density

How To Use

Step 1: Prep
1. Cleanse Your Face: Start by thoroughly washing your face with a gentle cleanser to remove any makeup, dirt, or oils. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel.
2. Dry Your Skin: Ensure that the under-eye area is completely dry before applying the eye patches.

Step 2: Apply the Eye Patches
1. Open the Eye Patch Packet: Carefully open the packet containing the eye patches.
2. Remove the Patches: Take out one pair of gels from the packet.
3. Apply Under the Eyes: Gently place one patch under each eye. The patches should adhere to the skin comfortably without slipping. Adjust as necessary to ensure they are covering the desired area.

Step 3: Relax and Let the Patches Work
1. Leave on for 5 Minutes (or longer): Allow the eye patches to sit on your skin for at least 5 minutes. You can leave them on for longer if desired, based on the product’s instructions and your personal preference.
2. Relax: Take this time to relax. You can lie down or sit back while the patches do their work.

Step 4: Remove
1. Remove the Patches: Gently peel off the eye patches from your skin and discard them.

Step 5: Massage the Remaining Serum
1. Massage the Serum: Gently massage any remaining serum from the patches into your under-eye area using your fingertips. This helps to maximize the absorption of the beneficial ingredients.
2. Continue Your Skincare Routine: If you have additional steps in your skincare routine, such as applying moisturizer or sunscreen, you can proceed with those now.

Tips for Best Results
- Use Regularly: Incorporate the use of eye patches into your regular skincare routine for consistent results.
- Store Properly: Store your eye patches in a cool, dry place. Some people prefer to keep them in the refrigerator for a cooling effect.

Our FlashPatch® Rejuvenating Eye Gels will become a daily part of your regular pre-makeup skin care regimen. You can also put them on at night to soothe tired, over-worked eyes. They’re perfect for travel, jet lag, or pre-party prep.


Centella Asiatica: encourages collagen production while inhibiting skin inflammation

Hydrolyzed Collagen: improves skin hydration, elasticity, tone and density

Portulaca Oleracea Extract: brightens the under eye. rich in vitamin c and essential omega3 fatty acids

water (aqua/eau), glycerin, dipropylene glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, chondrus crispus powder, ceratonia siliqua (carob) gum, caffeine, chondrus crispus extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit extract, lonicera japonica (honeysuckle) flower extract, calendula officinalis extract, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) extract, syringa vulgaris (lilac) extract, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) extract, mentha arvensis leaf extract, monarda didyma leaf extract, jasminum officinale (jasmine) extract, freesia refracta extract, centella asiatica extract, portulaca oleracea extract, hydrolyzed collagen, potassium chloride, sucrose, panthenol, pantolactone, cellulose gum, phenoxyethanol, butylene glycol, hydrogenated polydecene, trideceth-6, acetyl tetrapeptide-5, sodium hyaluronate, ethylhexylglycerin, algin, dextrin, synthetic fluorphlogopite, titanium dioxide (ci 77891), polysorbate 20, sodium polyacrylate, disodium edta, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, allantoin, mica, glutathione, urea, yeast amino acids, betaine, inositol, taurine, trehalose, potassium sorbate, polyglutamic acid, acetyl glucosamine, fragrance (parfum)