The Exact Face Mask You Need, Based on Your Skin Type

September 19, 2017

Bad skin days are the worst, and no one is immune (except maybe for Bella Hadid). Mind you, a bad skin day is different depending on your type—it might be breakouts, flaky spots, dullness, or under-eye circles the size of half-moons. The one common ground, however, is that no one wants to wake up and feel less than average when they look in the mirror, beauty editors included. 

When our normal skincare arsenals aren’t cutting the mustard, we call in the big guns, or in other words, a face mask. They’re the quickest way to stop skin-freak-outs dead in their tracks. A quick investigation revealed our office is home to many different skin types and just as many can’t-live-without-it face masks. And since we’re all about sharing our most valued product recommendations, we’ve compiled this list of life-changing masks that the Byrdie Australia women rely on to save us when our complexion looks, well, bad. 

Patchology Hydrate FlashMasque 5 Minute Facial Sheet Mask ($44)

Skin type: Normal to dry. 

A bad skin day looks like: Dehydrated skin, tired eyes.

“I pop this on for five to ten minutes and instantly my skin feels renewed. I like to use it a few hours before I have an event, or as a Sunday night treat before bed. I always make sure I use the excess product in the package for my elbows and knees."

September 19, 2017 by Carina de Lemos